Award winners!!! Best Existing Business for medical alert bracelets, ID bands and personalised jewellery

March 11, 2016

Award winners!!! Best Existing Business for medical alert bracelets, ID bands and personalised jewellery

I was so surprised and excited to see my face on screen yesterday when Wenta announced the Best Existing Business Award on their Women & Broadband programme! I have been part of this group for a year now, learning about the different aspects of running an online medical jewellery business and networking with other business owners.

The experience has been invaluable, and it’s touched almost every area of my business. From business planning advice to social media coaching; to joining a supportive network of women entrepreneurs that are determined to succeed.

Judges commented that they were excited to see a new offering in medical alert bracelets ... one that focussed on fashionable designs and young people. A range that puts the focus on you, not your medical condition. They loved how we put people in control of their wording and help them design medical ID bracelets that they feel good about wearing. And our selfie wall proves it!

My Bugle - Best Existing Business - Woman Broadband Internet Awards  Award winning Medical ID Bracelets - My Bugle Ltd

I’ve learned so much on this journey, but here are some of my personal highlights:

Be yourself. Although my background is in this industry, My Bugle has its own voice. We’re trying to offer something different, that’s in line with our values. And it’s our aim to help you be yourself too.

It’s lovely to talk. I’ve been getting more active on social media, blogging and networking this year. It used to make me nervous, but I’m starting to really enjoy it. I have met loads of creative and interesting people, and learn so much through your feedback and pictures. 

This week alone I have caught up with a family blogger, a jewellery designer, a bespoke soft furnishings designer and an artisan baker (who created the beautiful biscuits below). So drop us a line, or get in touch through Facebook or Twitter if you want to catch up!

  My Bugle Medical alert bracelets, ID and sentimental jewellery - Wenta WAB programme  Medical Alert Bracelets - Best Existing Business - Wenta's Women and Broadband Internet Awards

Set goals, achieve them, and set them again. It was my personal goal to run my own business by the time I turned 40. I’m so pleased you have helped me achieve that goal. With your support, we have already achieved our 2015/16 goals and are looking forward to the future!

Never stop learning. As part of Wenta’s Women and Broadband programme, I have attended a range of business planning, social media skills and website development sessions. Sometimes going over a topic that feels familiar ... but taking something new away every time! It always ignites a spark that helps me learn or develop something new.

Thanks so much for all of your support and feedback. Here’s a close up of the award we achieved together. We can’t wait to see what next year brings!

Award winning Medical Alert Bracelets - My Bugle Ltd  Tanya Butler wins Best Business Award for My Bugle


UPDATE - May 5th, 2016 - Check out this feature about the WAB awards in May's edition of Business MK:

Business MK article - Medical ID jewellery proves a hit with teenagers


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