Who picks you up?

April 10, 2015

It’s been a challenging month. I went to a series of mini training courses that refreshed my skills in online marketing. It’s funny because I paused for a minute before booking them ... thinking “I should know this stuff ... I’ve done this sort of work for years and years ... Why am I going?”

Boy did I make the right decision.

Although I DID know the foundations, these courses challenged me to open myself up to new tools, ideas and etiquette. It was mentally exhausting. I realised day after day that I hadn’t been doing the right things or wasn’t doing enough. It felt like the goal posts had moved when I wasn’t looking! I felt incompetent and was starting to pull my hair out. Then I sat down at my desk to find this picture that my six year old left for me.

Who picks you up - support from the people we love

And the dam broke...

Had a little cry (of relief). I had convinced myself I was doing everything wrong, but her eyes see all of the things I am doing right.

Made myself a cup of tea and sat down with a blank sheet of paper to capture all of the lessons I had learned at the training sessions. I am SOOOO glad I went. The tips were really useful but it was the people who really made it for me. They made me laugh and gave me a huge confidence boost. Just need to put one foot in front of another ... and get some practice to make sure it sticks!

There are so many lessons like this in starting a new business. I started My Bugle to help people. People like my kids, and my friends, who are not well served by the other products out there. I have worked in this industry for several years, but I am learning so many new things every day. That learning really spurs me on, and it's fantastic to have the support of so many friends and family. I love it. Every order means that I have had a chance to help someone. Every learning brings a “Woo Hoo” text from my husband and my friend’s encouragement at the end of the day.

So who picks you up? I’m sure you can think of business leaders, social media experts or celebrities that inspire you. With all the net chatter it’s easy to learn and share in their experiences. But the person that gives you a big hug when you need it most ... who sees all of the things you are doing right ... is probably closer than you think. Take the mental high-five you get from their support and blow on it like an ember. It’s one of the most powerful drugs you can find.

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