All work and no fun? Get out in the sun!

April 16, 2015

Yearning to stretch those legs and get out in the sun? Here’s 5 top tips to help you enjoy life and have a laugh this weekend:

  • Have fun in the sun - My Bugle medical alert braceletsPlay with goo – This cornstarch slime recipe is non-toxic and very simple to make. It hardens like a solid when you squeeze it but flows like a liquid when you pour it. Endless ways to amuse yourself!

  • Make bubble art – Did you know that even if you colour your bubble solution, the bubbles themselves will usually stay clear? It’s because the walls of the bubble are so thin, and it reflects light and colours from the world around it. But for a funky artwork session, why not make a coloured solution and let them pop on paper for a look that’s really unique. Check out instructions from Steve Spangler Science 

  • Stay cool if it gets hot – Add some orange or blackcurrant squash to a clear plastic water bottle ... the kind you would normally throw away when finished from the supermarket. Make sure to leave a little empty space at the top. Put the lid on (loose) and pop it in the freezer. In no time you’ll have an icy slushy snack to enjoy in the sun. For maximum fun and minimum effort, just lob a few Capri-Sun into the deep freeze. You can even grow a flower in the pouch when you’re done!

  • Enjoy a modern take on Elvis’s favourite – Banana wraps! Never tried peanut butter and banana sandwiches? Well, give it a try. Simple recipe is: Warm the tortilla in a dry fry pan (or in the microwave if you want to cheat). Spread with peanut butter. Drizzle with a bit of honey or Nutellla if you like, and pop in a peeled banana. Roll it up and hold to eat (or secure with a toothpick until you are ready). Mmmmmm...

  • Have a play with Retrica – our fave new app for adding a glow or fade to your pic. The love heart shot above was taken with this app. Have a go, and show off your results!

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