Remembering your special place - How to make a latitude longitude bracelet

November 21, 2015

Most people have a special place. You know, the one you think about when you stare off into space with a silly smile on your face. Or say "remember where we were?" on a special day of the year.

I have several.

The first one is Stonehenge. I have always been fascinated by the story of those stones - how they were moved, and why they are in those particular positions. But most of all, I just love to sit quietly and look at them. No need to talk. Just sit and take them in and enjoy the fact that not every historic site has a huge fence around it. It has a magical way of clearing my brain a little.

Anyway, knowing it is a special place for me, my partner and I always stop to take them in when we are in that neck of the woods. We were going away for the weekend (the sort of impulsive cash rich thing you do before having three kids), and stopped to visit Stonehenge on the way. Somehow he had smuggled in a dozen roses hanging upside down under the jacket that he had strewn across his shoulder. And before I knew it he was down on one knee. Bang. Oh yeah. The big one! Guess he always banked on me saying yes as he booked the honeymoon suite for us for the weekend.

And that my friends, took a pretty amazing historical site from good to great. I love it and it will always be part of me.

Another place I can't get enough of is Arches National Park in the southwest of America. I've been there three times so far, and it always brings out the same feelings in me. I am a huge fan of the National Park system in the States. Such huge tracts of land protected for people to explore and enjoy!

Every time I am there I scramble up inside one of those huge stone arches and sit inside the rim. In such a massive place you can hear a pin drop. Not acoustically, mind you, but you somehow forget about the chaos and the noise, the challenging relationships and the time pressures, and a quiet descends around you. It's a stillness in your mind - a gift of peace, if you will. It has an effect on me far beyond what a meditation session or soak in a hot bath could do.

Those are two of my special places. What are yours?

How do you remember them in a way that's meaningful and personal? Engraving the longitude and latitude, or grid coordinates, on a bracelet is a beautiful way to keep your special place close to your heart - whether you're ready to share your story or want to keep it a secret a little bit longer. Only you know where those coordinates will take you.

For anyone who wants a little reminder of your special place this month, I'm offering a 25% discount on any latitude longitude bracelet or grid coordinates necklace. Check out the collection today.

To get in on this sale, just put the longitude and latitude of your special place into the engraving details box of your chosen bracelet or necklace. Here's how. And quote "PLACE25" at checkout before 30 November 2015.

Whether your special place brings you peace or joy, here's wishing you a little more this holiday season...


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