How to get into (and out of) a 24 hour gym – Life Hack for remembering your gym code

January 08, 2016

How to get into (and out of) a 24 hour gym – Life Hack for remembering your gym code

If you’re anything like me, the New Year has come around and you’ve realised those mince pies are stuck to the back of your thighs ... Sigh! Time to join a gym.

I thought I would give one of those 24-hour gyms a try. Picked Pure Gym as it’s close to my house and they sent me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Love the idea that I can go whenever I want, and I’m impressed with the value for money. Time to commit!

Day 1

Feeling very proud of myself. Donned my sports gear and adrenaline propelled me towards the front door. Errrr ... How do I get in again? Long code to remember. Yikes! Can’t even remember if I locked the car. Just remembered that I stored it in the contacts in my phone, so I’m good.

Tried not to look like a newbie, as I negotiated the space pod thingy at the front door. Was doing well until I clipped my bum in the sliding door. Fail!

Checked out the equipment and decided what I was least likely to fall off of. (Used to be a regular at the gym, but hand-eye coordination has probably gone down since then.) Also need to find somewhere to put my phone now while I’m on the machines.

Worked my way through several machines and then saw an abs class starting in the studio. With my last little bit of “pride” adrenaline, I signed up for the class. Then I got a tap on the shoulder. “Is this your phone?” Darn it! If I lose that thing I’ll really be stuck!

Abs are pretty much gone, but I toughed it through the class. Instructor was great, although his watch seemed to go in slow motion whenever he called out “30 more seconds!” Finally done, it took me a confused minute to realise I needed my code to get back OUT of the gym too.

Day 2

Found them! Every ... single ... missing ab muscle is now on fire. Can’t move. Must push through the pain.

(Ah ... back in bed ... time for sleep)

Day 3

Back at the gym. Didn’t like the “code in phone” approach, so I thought I would be really clever and write my code on a little bit of paper. Got through the space pod door without incident (becoming a pro now!), but then needed a place to put my code. No choice but to tuck ‘er in the sports bra. Hope no one saw that.

Feeling extra motivated so tried a couple of new machines. Good workout but a bit sweaty so time to head to the ladies changing room. What? The code again? Great. Now I look like a real creeper fishing in my bra to find it. Extracted sweaty paper and gingerly picked it apart. Ink has run, so it took three tries to get the code right for the ladies room. Need a new plan.

Day 4

Need to sort this problem before my street cred is completely gone. Running a personalised bracelet company, it dawned on me that I had the ideal solution. I’m afraid I was slower on the uptake than I normally like to admit. A cheeky grin reached my face when I realised that I could even do it in Pure Gym’s colours (Yeah)! For a measure of safety, I added an emergency contact to the back, and TA-DA! Check out my new silicone gym sports band:

Silicone wristband - with my Pure Gym membership code  Silicone wristband - how to remember my Pure Gym entry code  The best way to get in and out of Pure Gym

I like it because it’s subtle, and only I know what the code means. It’s comfortable, and easy to store with my gym gear so I have it when I need it. And I will never forget my gym code again.

Day 5 and beyond!

Am now a regular and can negotiate the Pure Gym doors, code, and equipment like a pro. Very genuinely pleased with myself now. Getting back on the equipment was easy, and now that I’ve finally sorted out the front door, my skinny jeans will be back on soon too.

If I can help you look slick at the gym or give you a better chance of not leaving your phone behind, just give me a shout! See you on the treadmill...

My gym code hack - how to remember your access code at the gym  Wearing my emergency contacts at the gym silicone wristband  Custom silicone wristband - big help in remembering my Pure Gym access code

4 Responses


July 16, 2017

Can I order a wrist band???


January 20, 2017

A wristband is a great idea, my girlfriend and I would love one, how can we go about it?

Matthew flude
Matthew flude

December 14, 2016

Lolol. This made me laugh as I had my first attempt at this. Firstly I tried the disabled door. I then got an email, yes an email to tell me I ain’t allowed to use that door. I then proceeded to another door put the code in and nothing. I’d forgotten to press ok so I’ve been stood outside with quite a few people staring at me wondering what the hell is he doing so I tried again. Bingo!! I’m hoping next time I’ll be a little luckier. But the band seems like a great idea.

Adam Snowden
Adam Snowden

December 10, 2016

Hey, would love to get hold of a bracelet for PureGym like yours, it’s a brilliant idea! If you could contact me that would be great :)

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