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We can't wait to help you get a medical alert that looks great. Get noticed for your style, not your condition!

Browse our latest designs in leather, cord, chain and beads -- that come in the colours you love. Choose a bracelet or necklace that makes you feel good when you wear it ... and you'll have the confidence of knowing you're protected every day!

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You decide how to describe your condition or allergy, and the medical icon you want. Combine it with your name, catchphrase, or emergency contact number. Go bold or discrete. The choice is yours.

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Enjoy the best customer service in the industry. No other company gives you the flexibility of changing style or size -- on a custom bracelet.

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Just the medical alert bracelet or necklace you want, at a price you’ll love.




What medical information should I include?What should be on a medical alert bracelet

Because everyone is unique, we give you the chance to design a medical alert bracelet with the medical and personal information that YOU want to get across in an emergency.  

As a starting point, most people include medical conditions that affect their airway, breathing or circulation, as well as any allergies that may explain a possible collapse. If you choose a design that suits a longer message, you could include an emergency contact number, critical medication or your blood type. Click here for more tips, and advice for specific conditions...

      Tips on choosing your product:

      • make sure that there is a large enough text area to get your critical medical condition, allergy or medication information across. Browse our jewellery by short, medium and long message to make sure that you have the space you need.

      • it does not matter whether you choose the caduceus snake and staff image, or the star of life. Both are commonly used for medical alert bracelets and necklaces.

      • if you use an additional emergency phone service, iPhone app or online service to manage detailed medical data, you may want to include the access details on your jewellery.

      • if you are purchasing a bracelet or necklace for someone else, we recommend that you let that person choose which style they prefer. Jewellery style is a personal choice, and it is really important to have a colour or style that fits in with their taste and lifestyle.

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