How Much Text Can You Engrave On Your Custom Bracelet - Long Charm

Here’s how much space you have to engrave text on a bracelet that carries a long charm:

  • Line 1 - 11 characters / spaces
  • Line 2 - 11 characters / spaces
  • Line 3 - 11 characters / spaces

As a general rule, we will centre the text (unless you ask us to do something different).

The exact size and position of the letters will also depend on the text you send to us. For example, a shorter message can be engraved larger, and vice versa. Also the letter "M" is bigger than the letter "i", so this makes a difference when the text is laid out as well.

IF YOU ENTER TEXT IN CAPITAL LETTERS, WE WILL ENGRAVE IT THAT WAY. But if you would like a mix of uppercase and lowercase ... Please Enter It That Way.

Rest assured that we will achieve the best layout possible with the words that you would like engraved. If we have any questions or suggestions once we see it, we'll get in touch.

If you have any questions about your wording or layout, please get in touch on