Medical Alert Jewellery

Medical Alert Jewellery

We can't wait to help you get a medical ID bracelet that looks great. Or help you find a medical alert necklace to raise awareness of your condition.

Choose a medical bracelet or necklace that makes you feel good when you wear it ... and you'll have the confidence of knowing you're protected every day!

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Personalised Jewellery

Personalised Jewellery

Check out our range of personalised jewellery, to design a gift they'll truly love!

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Grid Coordinates Jewellery

Grid Coordinates Jewellery

Stay grounded in the magic of your special place by carrying the grid coordinates with you.

A birthplace, where you fell in love, an unforgettable trip, or where you said "I Do". Personalise a bracelet or necklace with the coordinates of your special place.

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LGBTQIA+ Jewellery

LGBTQIA+ Jewellery

We are proud to be an ally to the LGBT community!

We have a growing range of jewellery and pins to show your support and pride. 

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Silver Jewellery

Silver Jewellery

Choose a special gift, or a treat for yourself!

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I spent weeks looking for a medical bracelet that was my style, and I finally found it! It is subtle and delicate, yet clear enough to be seen on the wrist.

Delighted with my medical alert bracelet. It's subtle yet sends the necessary message. A lovely piece that will blend well with my other jewellery.

I was delighted to find your Tangle Bracelet. It's a little quirky, attractive, and will go with anything.

- Debbie
- Judith

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Living with Multiple Sclerosis can present challenges such as limited dexterity and mobility, loss of sight and speech. During an emergency you might not be able to communicate what’s happening, what medications you’re taking or any other vital medical information that is needed for first responders to treat you accurately.

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