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Jewellery Style 

Medical Alert Jewellery



Can I try it on?

We don’t have any physical stores – which helps us pass savings onto you – but if you get the size wrong, or would like to choose a different style, we will do our best to work with you. If we can change it for you, we will (please see full terms and conditions). 


What is the best bracelet or necklace to choose if I have multiple medical conditions?

If you would like to include details of multiple medical conditions, or need extra room to add your blood type, phone number, or other instructions, we recommend that you have a look at items like a dog tag necklace, or our larger sizes of silicone wristbands. If you would like advice on how to get your text to fit, or if there is any way to have detailed engraving on both sides of the tag, just get in touch on help@butlerandgrace.co


How long will it take to make my order?

Many of our products are ready to go, or can be customized quickly, so they will usually be shipped out the same day (for orders that come in before noon). Otherwise, it will go into the post the next day. You’ll receive an email confirmation when it goes into the post.

When products need a greater amount of customization (where you can choose the cord colour, or specific text for engraving), we take up to 5 days to make and dispatch your order. We say “5 days” to make sure there’s enough time to go back and forth by email to clarify any questions. But rest assured, as soon as we have all of the details we need, we’ll get it straight into the workshop. Just keep an eye on your email inbox after ordering so you spot any messages from us.


How can I track my order?

UK orders will have a tracking number in the order confirmation email. Updates will be available on the Royal Mail website when the package is delivered.

International orders that are shipped “International Standard” will not have a tracking number. They can take between 2 to 6 weeks to arrive, and it is just a matter of being patient throughout this time window. Keep an eye out for a card from your local post office, or any updates from a neighbour or friend who may take in packages on your behalf.

International orders that are shipped “International Tracked & Signed” will have a tracking number, and updates will be posted throughout the delivery process on the Royal Mail website.



I haven't received my order. What should I do?

Keep in mind that we'll need a few days to prepare your order, and then ship it to you. Royal Mail quotes estimated delivery times, but sometimes post takes longer than expected due to holidays or other factors. If you are getting concerned, please contact us on help@butlerandgrace.co, and we can confirm the date it was shipped.


Do you offer a membership service that stores medical information online or by phone?

No, we don't. We feel that the most important information in an emergency are the details that are on the charm or tag of your bracelet and necklace. But many of our products can be used alongside a data service, iPhone app, or your own web page. If you are part of a membership service that requires an online log in or telephone number and a membership number, just include these details when you design the message for your disc. Or choose a design that you can engrave your own personal QR code on.