Need a different size?

That's no problem, we're happy to help. We can resize most of our cord, chain or beaded bracelets for free within 30 days. If you had a choice of size when you ordered it ... we should be able to resize it for you.

(*Please note that sterling silver jewellery will require a separate charge, due to the work involved)

If it has been longer than 30 days, or you have any other questions, please drop us a line on 

If you think you have received a different size bracelet than you ordered, please visit our size guidance page.


Step 1 - Work out what size you need

The best way to do this is to use the jewellery you have received as a guide. For example, please remove 2 beads, or please add 1/2 inch.


Step 2 - Book the resize

Just visit the link below to book the resize with us, and pay for the return postage (back to you). 

     Click here - Book your resize

This will let our workshop know that it's coming. We'll keep an eye out for it in the post, so we can get it turned around quickly for you.


Step 3 - Package up your jewellery, to send back to us

Please package it securely, and make sure to include your name and address, as well as your resize instructions. That way we'll know exactly what to do when we receive it. The address to send it to is:

Butler & Grace
17 Coleshill Place
Bradwell Common
Milton Keynes
MK13 8DG
United Kingdom

You'll need to attach the correct postage to get it back to us, and it's your choice if you want to add a signature or any tracking (as you are responsible for this shipment).