ID Bracelets & Necklaces That Will Get You Out Of The House More

Putting fashion at the heart of identification.

Tired of seeing personalised bracelets ... but never with YOUR name? Looking for something you can add an emergency phone number to - to balance independence and safety?

When you are out and about you probably carry a wallet / purse, or some other type of ID. But what about when you go for a run, cycle ride, camping trip, or backpacking? A fashionable ID bracelet or necklace can get across important info for any situation.

We can't wait to help you design an ID bracelet or necklace that looks great. Browse the latest designs in leather, cord, chain and beads -- that come in the colours you love.

Finally own a bracelet with your name on it!

Your first name, full name or nickname. You pick. Show it off in this season's style, or your favourite colour.

Be the Boss

You decide what to put on your ID. If you want to say more, add your blood type, catchphrase, or emergency contact number. The choice is yours.

Amazing Support

Enjoy the best customer service in the industry. No other company gives you the flexibility of changing style or size -- on a custom bracelet.



"I’m 12 and love meeting up with my friends in town. Having an ID bracelet gives my mum a little more confidence that everything will be fine.
I want a bracelet that represents me, so I put my name on it. But I also want people to know my phone number if something happens, so I put that on the back.
It was fun to pick my own style, decide what I wanted on it, and know that it was made just for me. It’s great that there is a bracelet to match everyone’s personality."


Ready to get started?

Browse our current range to create your identification bracelet or necklace today! Just select your product, size and add your engraving information.

What information should I include?

    Your ID bracelet or necklace should be as individual as you are. It can feature your name, or include additional details in a longer message:

    • Blood type
    • ICE contact number (if something happened to you, who would you like to be called?)
    • Organ donor wishes
    • QR code to your social media page or online medical details
    • Medical insurance company and policy number
    • Catchphrase

    Tips on choosing your product:

    • Make sure that there is a large enough text area. We organise our jewellery by short, medium and long message to make sure that you have the space you need. A piece that takes a short message is great for your name, emergency phone number or catchphrase. Or choose a style that takes a longer message if you have more details to get across.

    • If you use an additional phone service, iPhone app or online service to manage detailed ID info, you may want to include the access details on your jewellery.

    • If you are including a phone number, we recommend including the international dialing format. This will protect you should you decide to travel.

    • If you include any medical information on your ID, you may want to add a medical image -- either the star of life, or snake and staff.

    • Details of anyone you are a carer for -- if something happened to you, is there someone else who needs to be cared for? Making people aware of this through an ID bracelet can speed up care or awareness of that person

    • If you are purchasing a bracelet or necklace for someone else, we recommend that you let that person choose which style they prefer. Jewellery style is a personal choice, and it is really important to have a colour or style that fits in with their taste and lifestyle.

    How do I make sure it fits?

    Many of our styles can be made to a wide range of sizes. Just look at the details on each bracelet or necklace to confirm which sizes are available. We also give tips on how to measure your wrist to get the right fit, and will work with you to adjust it, if possible.

    Can I try it on?

    We don’t have any physical stores – which helps us pass savings onto you – but your purchase is backed by our famous “Love it Guarantee”. This means that if you get the size wrong, or would like to choose a different style, we will do our best to work with you. If we can change it for you, we will (please see full terms and conditions).

    Design your custom ID in 2 easy steps:

    • choose the bracelet or necklace you like
    • choose your size and engraving information