Medical alert bracelets or necklaces for Osteoporosis or Fragile Bones

Osteoporosis is not immediately obvious in an emergency, but it can be an important factor in medical care. It is a long term condition involving reduction in bone density that can lead to weakened or fragile bones. There is no cure, and treatment plans may include preventing and treating fragility fractures, as well as using medication to prevent further decline or strengthen bones. 

Osteoporosis can directly contribute to an emergency, and is an important factor in making sure that you are handled correctly. Although your friends and family will be aware of your condition, a medical alert bracelet is a good way to communicate if you are on your own and unable to speak for yourself.

Three reasons why you should consider a medical ID

Need to handle you with care. As it may not be obvious that you have osteoporosis or fragile bones, emergency medical staff could accidentally aggravate painful areas or cause fragility fractures when they handle you during an emergency. A medical alert bracelet would let them know to take extra gentle care (in general), or let them know if you have a particular issue when placed in a certain position.

Your osteoporosis could affect your airways. Any issues involving your neck or spine (for example, if you are at high risk of vertebral compression fractures) are important to communicate, as it could lead to difficult intubation in an emergency. It's always important that emergency staff know about issues that affect your airway -- it's part of the critical A-B-C sequence of emergency medical care.

Osteoporosis can be the underlying cause of the emergency. As your mobility is limited, if you suffer a fall or are unable to get yourself in / out of a position and you are on your own, an emergency could result. In cases like this, simple communication of your condition through a medical alert bracelet or necklace can help bring supportive care -- particularly if you appear confused or have gone into shock.

Finding the ID that's right for you

My Bugle has loads of choices for your osteoporosis medical bracelet ... that ensure that you are noticed for your style, not your medical condition. 

Choose a medical ID that you love, and you will get the confidence boost of knowing that you are protected every day.

Raven, osteoporosis medical bracelet ukNavy Bounce, fragile bones medical bracelet ukBreeze, osteoporosis medical bracelet ukRed Navy Fusion, fragile bones medical bracelet ukPlatoon, osteoporosis medical necklace uk

When choosing what goes on your ID, we think it's important for you to describe your osteoporosis or fragile bones in your own words, focusing on the elements that you feel are important in an emergency. Using everyday terms such as "fragile bones" or "high risk of fractures" is fine, and works well if you prefer a smaller more discrete medical alert bracelet. Emergency contact details are also a good choice.  

A custom bracelet or necklace gives you the chance to put together a design that really works in your personal life too. What would make you want to wear it everyday? Feature your name as an identification bracelet? Include a personal motto? Put your medical details in a discrete location on the back side of the tag? The choice is yours.

Specific advice for choosing the style that's right for you:

  • Think about whether a bracelet or a necklace would be easier for you, given your mobility issues. What sort of clasp is easy to do up, or would you prefer a longer necklace that you can slip over your head?

  • As osteoporosis is a long word, it fits best on styles that take a medium or long message. If you prefer a smaller, more discrete medical alert bracelet, you may want to try "fragile bones" instead.
"I have Osteoporosis which means my bones are very fragile. I have to take
extra care and it's something I want to get across if I'm ever in an
accident or emergency.
It's really important to be clear as so many people
get confused between Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. They are similar names
but very different conditions.
I could have written Fragile Bones on the
tag - simple words which would be clear to any paramedic or person on the
scene - but was pleased to see that Osteoporosis fits just fine on the
bracelet I chose. Wanted to get my Hubby's mobile number on it too, and
amazingly it all fits so well."

For more advice or help

National Osteoporosis Society -- UK wide charity dedicated to improving the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and fragility fractures


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