What to write on your medical alert bracelet to get better care in an emergency

As a starting point, most people include medical conditions that affect their airway, breathing or circulation, as well as any allergies that may explain a possible collapse. If you choose a design that suits a longer message, you could include an emergency contact number, critical medication or your blood type.

But take an "overall person" view. Consider the severity or potential impact of each element so you can put together wording that makes sense for you. For example, your life threatening anaphylaxis to bee stings is probably more important than your history of high blood pressure. Remember, you have a limited amount of space and your aim is to deliver a clear and quick message to first responders.


General tips on medical wording. Consider including:

  • any condition that affects how you should be treated in an emergency (e.g. particular heart conditions may mean that paddles should not be used on you, or a movement disorder may affect how you should be handled)
  • any condition that could explain why you have collapsed or become unresponsive (e.g. severe allergy or anaphylaxis to nuts, or epilepsy)
  • any medication that must be maintained in an emergency situation (e.g. insulin for diabetes)
  • any allergies to medication that may be administered in an emergency (e.g. strong pain killers such as morphine, or different types of anaesthesia)
  • an emergency contact number, or ICE (in case of emergency) number. This person could help provide detailed medical information, or let your loved ones know that there has been an emergency. If you travel a lot, it could be worth including the international dialling code.
  • your name. You may be more comfortable or responsive if someone can "bring you around" using your name in an emergency situation
  • if you use an additional emergency phone service, iPhone app or online service to manage detailed medical data, you may want to include the access details on your jewellery.
  • make sure that there is a large enough text area to get your critical medical condition, allergy or medication information across. Browse our jewellery by short, medium and long message to make sure that you have the space you need.

Specific advice for the following conditions: