Add Engraving To The Back Of Your Charm

** This item is to add engraving to the back of a round charm for a personalised bracelet. It cannot be purchased on its own. Please add both items to your cart. **

We will do our best to match the engraving style on the front of the charm. If this is not possible, we will use Arial text.

Shorter messages are better ... two to five words works best. If you have any questions, please contact me and I can let you know if your text will fit.

Welcome to Butler & Grace. We offer products and services for sale under these terms and conditions, which apply to every order, and can only be changed with the express written consent of Butler & Grace Ltd.

It is important that you take the time to read them carefully. They will be updated from time to time without notice (current version is 1.02), and you can always access the current version of the terms on this webpage.

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please contact us at

** Please also read our Privacy Policy **


Explanation of Terminology

  • "Terms" means these Terms and Conditions.
  • "You" means the individual purchasing a product or service from Butler & Grace Ltd.
  • "Butler & Grace" means Butler & Grace Ltd, a company incorporated in England and Wales.


Intellectual Property Rights

  • All industrial or intellectual material or property rights associated with the design of bespoke products are the property of Butler & Grace and remain so after ownership of the commissioned product passes to you.
  • Butler & Grace reserves the right to reproduce any design and use images of the bespoke products in print, electronic, social or online media.


Moderation of Content

  • Butler & Grace will not accept the following types of content as part of product orders, website posts or social media content. This includes images, text or any other content that:
    • Infringes any third party's copyrights or other rights (e.g., trademark, privacy rights, etc.);
    • Contains sexually explicit content or pornography;
    • Contains hateful, defamatory, or discriminatory content or incites hatred against any individual or group;
    • Exploits minors;
    • Depicts unlawful acts or extreme violence;
    • Depicts animal cruelty or extreme violence towards animals;
    • Promotes fraudulent schemes or
    • Violates any law.
  • Butler & Grace has the right to reject any order, either partially or fully, under its sole discretion.
  • Butler & Grace has the right to edit or moderate content on its website or social media sites to remove the items above.
  • For your privacy and safety online, Butler & Grace may choose to remove or anonymise any email or contact details that you submit to a public part of our website or social media sites.


Variation of Specification

  • Sometimes product designs vary slightly over time, due to fluctuations in batches or suppliers. Absolute consistency of sizes, materials, proportions, colours and shades are not guaranteed by Butler & Grace and are given as guidance only.
  • Exact colour may also vary due to lighting conditions during photography, individual monitor settings.
  • With this in mind, if there is a variation in specification on the repeat order of an item, Butler & Grace cannot be held responsible for those changes.
  • An acceptable tolerance of + or - 10% of the specified weight / dimension / size shall be applied.


Prices and Payment

  • Butler & Grace reserves the right to alter its prices at its discretion.
  • Payment in full, including postage, is due when any order is placed. No work to manufacture, repair or exchange an item will be done until full payment is received. 
  • When payment is made, it constitutes a confirmed order. Butler & Grace may accept or reject this order, for any reason, at its sole discretion. No order may be cancelled under any circumstances without the express written consent of Butler & Grace Ltd.



  • Any delivery estimate provided by Butler & Grace shall run from the date on which your order is accepted by Butler & Grace.
  • Butler & Grace will use all reasonable efforts to ship orders within the delivery time estimate, but does not guarantee to do so. Butler & Grace shall, under no circumstances whatsoever, be liable to you for any loss, damage or expenses, whether caused directly or indirectly, by or from any delay in the completion of an order.
  • If Butler & Grace is hindered or prevented from delivering all or any part of an order, it may by written notice to you, cancel the order or the undelivered balance thereof without any liability to you in respect of the cancellation.
  • All risk of loss or damage passes to you upon delivery of your order.


Care of Jewellery

  • All items of jewellery (including bracelets and necklaces) must be cleaned, stored and cared for in accordance with instructions given by Butler & GraceJewellery should be treated with reasonable care, and should not be worn in bed, the shower, bath or swimming pool. Additional specific care instructions can be found on each product page on the website.
  • Butler & Grace is not liable for any damage caused due to you not following these recommendations.  
  • Butler & Grace is not liable for any replacement or repair costs associated with normal wear and tear during the lifespan of the jewellery.


Quality and Performance

  • Butler & Grace warrants that all goods sold or supplied shall be free from defects in workmanship or material.
    • If goods are defective or outside of acceptable variance in specification, you must return them to Butler & Grace within 30 days of the original date of shipment.
    • Any item returned to Butler & Grace should be done so by a recorded or signed for delivery service that carries insurance to cover its value. Butler & Grace accepts responsibility for this item only from the point of signature, when it is in our possession.
    • Butler & Grace will review the goods alongside your claim, and if agreement, will view these goods as an "accepted return". Butler & Grace will then determine the appropriate course of action, which may include replacement or refund. If all of the goods on your order in question are accepted for return, and Butler & Grace proceeds with a refund, the value of your original postage paid will also be refunded. If Butler & Grace does not deem your goods as an accepted return, they will be returned to you.
    • Butler & Grace shall not in any circumstances be liable for incidental or consequential loss or damage resulting from these goods, or during this process.
  • There are no warranties, express or implied, of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or of any other kind except as to the title. All conditions and warranties, express or implied, as to the quality of any goods sold or their fitness for any particular purpose or their performance capability or otherwise are hereby excluded.
  • Butler & Grace shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss, damage, liability or expense suffered or incurred by the customer as a result of or in connection with the sale or supply of any goods.



  • Bespoke goods are those which are manufactured to the size you have requested, or with other customisations in the text or images on them. No bespoke manufactured items are eligible for a refund, unless they are reported as defective or outside of acceptable variance in specification using the process outlined above.
  • All other goods are considered off the shelf items and are eligible for returns, for any reason, as long as you return them to Butler & Grace within 30 days of the date of original shipment. You must pay the return postage fees, and must return them to Butler & Grace in new, unworn, saleable condition. If returned in this condition and timeframe, Butler & Grace will refund the original purchase price of the goods, excluding postage.
  • Any item sent to Butler & Grace to be returned should be done so by a recorded or signed for delivery service that carries insurance to cover its value. Butler & Grace accepts responsibility for this item only from the point of signature, when it is in our possession.
  • Butler & Grace reserves the right to refuse acceptance of goods returned to the company outside of 30 days of the date of original shipment.


Alterations and Repairs

  • We recommend that items made by Butler & Grace should be returned to Butler & Grace for any repairs and/or alterations. Any damage or costs caused by repairs or alterations made by any other party are your sole responsibility.
  • Butler & Grace will only carry out free of charge repairs as a possible course of action if an item is agreed to be defective and returned to Butler & Grace within the process outlined above.
  • Any repairs made by Butler & Grace outside of that process are chargeable. Any price quoted before receipt of the item for repair or alteration is an estimate. The final balance may vary from the original estimate, to cover materials, manufacturing or repair processes, or postage. These costs must be paid in full before the repair or alteration work begins.
  • Any item sent to Butler & Grace should be done so by a recorded or signed for delivery service that carries insurance to cover its value. Butler & Grace accepts responsibility for this item only from the point of signature, when it is in our possession.


Love It Guarantee

  • As part of our commitment to providing excellent customer service, Butler & Grace offers additional services under its Love It Guarantee. The details of this guarantee may change from time to time, and full details can be found at
  • Should there be any conflict in terms between these Terms and Conditions, and the Love It Guarantee, they shall apply in this order of precedence:  Terms and Conditions, Love It Guarantee.



  • If you have a concern about your product or communication with Butler & Grace, we take that feedback very seriously. Please write to us at and we will explore your concerns.


Force Majeure

  • Butler & Grace shall not be under any liability of any kind for non-performance in whole or in part of its obligations under the contract due to causes beyond the reasonable control of Butler & Grace, its suppliers, or due to labour disputes.



  • The laws of England shall govern all contracts between Butler & Grace and its customers and any disputes arising there from shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.


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