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Ammo - Replacement Beads

These medical bracelet replacement beads are the perfect way to update or switch up your existing bracelet. Just attach to your connector charm for a new and fashionable look!

These grey hematite beads blaze in a style that suits your look. Strung on flexible beading wire, it's easy to add and remove with out extra-long clasps that fit all kinds of connector tags.

Sizing Tips -  Start by figuring out the right OVERALL size. For most customers, adding .5 to 1 inch to their wrist measurement and then subtracting any existing tag or charm length will give them the size they need for the beads.

Taking Care - Gently clean your beads with water and dry them with a soft cloth to keep it looking its best. To extend the life of your bracelet, avoid making sharp bends or abrasions on the wire.  

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