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Black Light Teal Personalised Silicone Wristband

This personalised unisex wristband is flexible and washable ... perfect for sports, running or school. 100% silicone (latex free). Approx. 12mm or 0.5" wide. 

Grab your personalised unisex wristband today!

Long-Lasting Temporary Wristbands - Silicone is a soft material, so over time the top layer will wear away, which takes away the colour difference that makes the engraving stand out. How long will it last? That completely depends on the person. We would say between 2 weeks to 1 year, depending on how often it's worn. So these wristbands are perfect for occasional use, days out, gym sessions, activity camp ... any time you need some extra peace of mind. For all day / everyday wear, we recommend a metal bracelet.

Engraving - The silicone band will be laser engraved to reveal the other colour underneath. Look through the colour options above as some are bold (high contrast) and others are subtle.  A shorter message (approx. 20 characters or less) will be engraved in larger letters on one line. Longer messages will be engraved in smaller letters on two lines. I will also assume that you would like a medical symbol added, unless you ask me not to. Longer text will be engraved in a smaller font across two lines. Text limits and tips

Sizing tips - The most important factor in choosing the right size is the measurement around the widest part of your hand (not your wrist) - as it needs to slip on and off over your hand. Although there is a little bit of stretch in the band, if you pull or tug on it too hard, or stretch it too far over your hand, it could break. If you are in any doubt, go up a size!

  • 202mm - Adult (approx. age 14+), with a hand up to 215mm around, although it is not appropriate if you have large hands
  • 180mm - Ideal for someone who measures up to 190 mm around the widest part of their hand. Would probably suit pre-teens (approx. age 8 to 13) and women with very slim wrists.
  • 152mm - This size is ideal for young children or toddlers.  It is ideal for someone who measures up to 160 mm around the widest part of their hand. Would probably suit a child (up to age 7).

Taking care - Wash gently with water and dry with a soft cloth. Please keep in mind that silicone is a soft material, so it won't last as long as a metal bracelet. Regular contact with a watch, other jewellery, clothes, or bedsheets will cause the outer colour to fade. We recommend not wearing your wristband in bed or in the shower to give it a longer life.

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