Celebrating Easter with diabetes & food allergies
March 02, 2021

Celebrating Easter with Diabetes or Food Allergies

Why can Easter be a challenge? 

In little over a month, Easter Sunday will be here, bringing with it a chance to spend time with family and loved ones, positive holiday vibes, spring cleaning checklists and (you guessed it!) lots of chocolate and festive treats.

With so much inviting, but potentially harmful food around tempting you, if you have diabetes or a food allergy, Easter can be a challenging time to keep your health in check.


Easter is challenging with diabetes


All of those chocolate eggs and bunnies crowding the shelves of every shop can be tricky for someone with diabetes, as going overboard with chocolate will affect blood sugar levels. The same goes for other seasonal sweet treats like hot cross buns, as these are high in processed carbs from the white flour and sugar from the frosting and dried fruit.


Easter is challenging with allergies


Easter can be equally worrisome if you or your child have a food allergy. With eggs and chocolate being typical Easter celebration foods, the most at risk at this time are those with egg, nut, wheat, and cows’ milk allergies. Chocolatey treats, egg decorating and egg hunts are all potentially problematic, as well as traditional recipes and food gifts that come without an ingredient list.

Because of these issues, you might be feeling stressed at the thought of Easter coming up, and perhaps you’re even considering skipping the celebration altogether … The good news is, you really don’t have to! With a few adjustments and the right planning, it is totally possible to enjoy Easter safely; here are some ideas for having your own diabetes-friendly and allergy-safe Easter fun! 


best products for diabetes and allergies


Best Easter chocolates for anyone with diabetes or food allergies

Chocolate is a big part of Easter, and having diabetes or a food allergy doesn’t mean that you have to miss out. It is usually fine for diabetics to eat small amounts of chocolate – just avoid having too much in one go. 

Diabetes UK recommends choosing extra dark chocolate, as this tastes stronger so you’ll likely eat a bit less; or you might go for low sugar chocolate, created specifically with diabetics in mind. Be aware that this latter can be as high in calories and fat as regular chocolate, so it’s still not a good idea to overdo it! Also, sugar alcohols are common sugar substitutes, and some can cause an upset stomach – so we advise opting for high quality brands, and possibly contacting sellers for more information on what sweeteners they use.

As for those with food allergies, fret not – there are so many egg-citing "Free From" options around these days! Here are our top high-street picks for you:

  • The Low Sugar collection from Hotel Chocolat.
  • All Moo Free products are dairy free, gluten free, soya free and vegan!
  • All Enjoy! products are free from gluten, soya, dairy and refined sugar, and their recipes & factory are nut-free … who could ask for more?

If you would like to support smaller UK businesses in this time of uncertainty, check out the stunning creations of these independent chocolatiers …


easter recipes food allergies & diabetes


Best Easter recipes for those living with diabetes or allergies 

You might also decide to make your own homemade chocolatey or sweet treats this Easter, which will give you complete peace of mind about the suitability of the ingredients. We have put together a list of recipes that are easy, tasty and good for you. You could involve your partner or kids and turn the cooking into a fun family activity! 


easter activities children with diabetes food allergies


Having fun without focusing on food 

Easter doesn’t have to be all about food, and there are many great alternative ideas for you to celebrate safely. Easter can be the perfect occasion to get active and spend time outdoors; if the weather allows, you could head to the park for a walk with your family, your partner or a friend – breathe in the fresh spring air, and admire the new blooms!

You could also organise a good old egg hunt across the house and in the garden – just make it safe by using plastic or wooden eggs, and by hiding toys instead of sweets (you can use stickers, small toy cars, bracelets, bouncing balls, hair elastic and clips, small glow toys or even coins).

Simple Easter-themed or spring-themed crafts are another great way to keep the kids entertained. You might do some traditional egg decorating; Allergy UK warns about crafts involving allergens, such as eggshell decoration and painting egg boxes – as above, you can use plastic or wooden eggs, and even flat rocks.

For more original crafts, Pinterest is the way to go for creative inspiration! Here are some of our favourite projects:

But fun isn’t only for kids ...


easter activities adults with diabetes food allergies


Fun grown-up activities could be an Easter-themed pub quiz, or crafts for adults. If you think that egg decorating is just for children, think again; why not having a go at some of the charming designs listed here? There are also many brilliant projects that don’t involve eggs – for example Easter wreaths and bouquets creation.

If you’re spending Easter with your partner, you can opt for your favourite movie marathon, or you might want to throw them an adult egg-hunt! You could use mini nail polishes, eye shadows and face mask sheets as gifts for her, or things like a mini deodorant, a keyring or a bookmark for him.

So there you have it – living with diabetes or food allergies shouldn’t stop you from making the most of the Easter holiday. We hope you found these tips helpful, and wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe Easter xx

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