cute couples jewellery for your special place
December 21, 2023

Cute Couples Jewellery For Your Special Place

Do you have a special location you want to remember with your loved one? Then why not get matching bracelets?

Sure, you may be asking yourself, “What’s the best way to remember our special place?”

Or “What should we engrave on matching bracelets?”

Or “How to design matching anniversary bracelets?” 

This blog will answer all those questions and help you find that special gift for your special someone.


why do people get matching bracelets


But first … Why do people get matching bracelets? 

Often, couples decide to wear matching jewellery to symbolise their loyalty, love and commitment to each other. These are especially popular with couples who embark on life journeys that require them to be apart. The matching bracelets are a symbol of their enduring love despite the distance; they are a token of shared affection and a reminder of your dedication to the one you love.

Choosing the right matching jewellery can be a challenge, but it’s important to use memories and symbolism to help you make your choice.


How to remember your special place? 

The most common reason couples get matching jewellery is so they can remember something special between them, whether it’s a special place, or a unique message. Here are some ideas of what to engrave on your matching bracelets:


remember your special place with grid coordinates


Grid Coordinates.

Remember the place you proposed, got married, or a special holiday with the latitude and longitude of the location. A great way to incorporate this on matching jewellery is to engrave one half of the coordinates on one bracelet (i.e., the latitude part), and engraved the second half on the other bracelet (the longitude part). This way, the coordinates would be complete when the two of you are with each other and would both be reminded of your special place.

Have a look at some of our latitude longitude jewellery, so you can choose that perfect gift.


remember your special place with unique dates


Unique Dates.

Look back on the day of your wedding, or the day you first met your loved one with the date engraved on your matching bracelets. Numbers that are special to you and your partner are a great way to remember your special day.


remember your special place with personal message


Personal Messages. 

Having a personal message engraved onto matching bracelets is one of the most common reasons why they are sought after. Your message can be anything from your wedding vows, or something said between you only you would know. Like coordinates, your message can be split into two pieces, so the sentence is finished when the two bracelets are next to each other.

Check out our bracelets so you can add your personal message to your matching bracelets.



Overall, matching jewellery is a declaration of your love, to make something feel special and to show your dedication to each other as a couple. Make sure your check out our full range of jewellery, and if you have any questions, leave a comment below or drop us a line at

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