Choosing colour engraving wristband
April 19, 2017

How To Choose Your Colour & Engraving Options For A Silicone Wristband?

Do you wish to customise a medical wristband but don't know what colours to choose? In this blog, we will share some handy tips so you can create the perfect wristband just for you. 

It's quite simple and easy to choose the right colour combination for your custom engraved wristband. And with a few easy tips, you can design the engraving you want too. 



We refer to wristband colours like this:

  • First, the outside colour of the wristband
  • Then, the inside colour of the wristband

So this is what a "Black White" wristband looks like:


sides of wristband


As you can see, all the engraving is done on the OUTSIDE of the wristband. Side 1 is what you see in the photo, but we can engrave both sides if you choose to. Longer text will be engraved in smaller letters on 2 lines. 



All of the engraving for your custom wristband will be on the OUTSIDE of the band. Although it is technically possible for us to engrave the inside, this raises two issues:

1. There won't be any colour difference. (But it's no problem, if you do prefer this ultra discrete look).

2. There is a slight shaping to the band that doesn't look natural when it's flipped over. So we don't recommend assuming you can just wear it inside out if you prefer the colour of the inside.


If you have any other questions about the colour or engraving on your custom silicone wristband, or if you want us to engrave the inside of the band, then drop us a line at


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