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Inspiration Guide For Your Personalised Jewellery

June 14, 2023

Inspiration Guide For Your Personalised Jewellery

Have you ever thought about surprising your loved ones with a piece of personalised jewellery but don’t know how to personalise it to make it special?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this blog, we will go through the top 10 personalised engravings perfect for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, an anniversary, or any other occasion in hopes of inspiring you to create your own personalised jewellery perfect for your special someone.

Most of us like the idea of personalised jewellery as it can have sentimental value, whether it’s from a close relative, or to remind us of those we’ve lost. Whatever the reason, personalised jewellery can mean more to us than regular jewellery.


Top 10 personalisations to inspire your jewellery gifts:


personalised jewellery with birthstones


1. Birthstones. Everyone loves to be reminded about their birthday, so why not add the birthstone of your special someone onto their jewellery? A perfect gift that feels personal to the wearer.

2. Name / Initials. Whether you engrave the name of your loved one or the initials of their children, it can make your piece of jewellery feel special to them.


personalised jewellery heart love symbol


3. Symbols. The most common symbol used in personalised jewellery is the heart as it reminds the wearer that they are loved and celebrated. A symbol of love is just what any person needs.

4. Matching sets. Whether it’s two necklaces that interlock or two bracelets that finish one sentence, matching jewellery is perfect for couples to remind each other of their love. Or choose the same style, but in two different colours.

5. Colours. Along with matching jewellery, colour coded jewellery in your favourite colours can be personal to you. You could even add the awareness colour of a specific condition to help remind those around you that you support that condition, or you are raising awareness to someone who’s living with it.


personalised jewellery special message


6. Special Message. An inscription inside of a ring or a special message on a charm bracelet is perfect for reminding someone of an event or something you’ve said to them.

7. Flower pressing. If you know someone who’s an avid gardener, then they will love a piece of jewellery with their favourite flower or petal pressed or engraved onto it. This is another level of personalisation as it’s more outside the box than what’s listed above. A simple, yet unique gift for all.

8. Numbers. Another way of feeling like your jewellery is personal to you is to engrave numbers onto it. This can be a birthday, your anniversary date, or the years of a loved one who has passed.


personalised jewellery special place latitude longitude


9. Latitude Longitude. A great way to personalise your jewellery is to engrave the location of a special place with grid coordinates. This is a perfect reminder of where you proposed, got married, met someone special, or somewhere that just has personal significance. Have a browse at some of our latitude longitude jewellery collection.

10. Ashes. This is another out of the box idea that isn’t for everyone, but some like have the ashes of their loved ones made into a stone so they can always carry them around with them. This can be encased in a ring or a necklace.


So, whether you decide to personalise your jewellery by engraving a name, symbol, or even carrying around your loved one's ashes, you are making your jewellery unique and special as an individual. If you have any queries, please comment below, or drop us a line at help@butlerandgrace.co


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