Meanings behind gemstones in jewellery
February 02, 2023

The Meanings Behind Gemstones in Jewellery: A Pretty Face or Actually Healing?

There has been much discourse over whether certain precious gemstones have healing properties, or virtually any benefit to mental and physical wellbeing.

Maybe all of that isn’t really important because it’s all so very subjective. It comes down to what YOU believe. But why not delve into the history behind each gemstone? We discuss a few gemstones including rose quartz, hematite, amazonite, and rhodochrosite, with everyone in mind. Everyone is different, and some may experience these gemstones’ healing properties, and some may not, but each gemstone has its own unique history, and let’s face it: they’re all so beautiful.


Rose quartz symbolises love and compassion in jewellery


Rose Quartz

The meaning of rose quartz is love and compassion. The rose quartz is a pale pink stone that’s part of the quartz crystal family, and its use can be traced back as far as 7,000 B.C. Many have stated that Egyptian and Roman women used rose quartz face masks to clear their complexions and prevent wrinkles. More recently, rose quartz is used in jewellery, decorations or for meditative purposes.

Some believe that rose quartz helps to improve circulation and boost heart health, and they are commonly used for healing purposes.

The rose quartz stone is strongly attached to both the heart chakra and the throat chakra. What is chakra, though? The term "chakra" refers to the centers of spiritual force in your body and translates to "wheel". As they correspond to key organs, bundles of nerves, and other regions of our energetic body that have an impact on our emotional and physical wellbeing, they are believed to be spinning discs of energy that should remain "open" and aligned.

Rose quartz gently addresses all forms of love, from strengthening relationships with partners and friends to bringing sweeter undertones of self-care into your own life. A great way to incorporate rose quartz would be through the beautiful blush bracelet.

The notion that rose quartz is the stone of unwavering love is likely its best-known attribute. Some people think it has a powerful vibration of love, joy, and emotional healing. Here’s a short little video on what types of people would be best suited to using Rose Quartz: (just a head’s up that these TikTok videos are best viewed on your phone) 


Hematite is for protection in jewellery



The most prevalent mineral on the Earth's surface is hematite. There are numerous uses for hematite, such as manufacturing of pigments, polishing, heavy media separation, jewellery making, and home energization. In addition to these, it has therapeutic properties, but beware of these hematite misconceptions!

For thousands of years, this gemstone has been used as a form of protection, such as prevention against excessive bleeding. The stone was carried by soldiers and warriors, while mothers kept it close to them while giving birth.

It's not just for protection, though. A hematite stone can also provide you with confidence and has a grounding effect. Given that it is connected to the root chakra, it can serve as a form of your foundations and provide stability in your daily life.

Hematite has been employed in relation to the blood and our circulatory system because of its relationship to iron and the hefty composition within the stone. Some find that hematite increases circulation, lower blood pressure, dissolves clots, and even slows painful periods.

Hematite is utilised to strengthen your determination and give you more courage and willpower. Hematite is believed to help in breaking bad habits like being a people pleaser or being worried about things you can’t control. Why not give it a go? The Ammo and Raven bracelets are a great option.


Amazonite is calm and soothing in jewellery



The associations of the amazonite crystal with the heart chakra and water energy give rise to its symbolic meaning. By making a connection with this stone, you can adopt a similarly fluid and adaptable mindset, which could advance you in every area of life.

Despite being named after the Amazon River because of its vibrant, aqua hues, amazonite is not actually found there. However, amazonite, which is associated with female warriors, is thought to have been used to adorn the shields of Amazonian tribal women warriors who lived in the 10th century B.C.

The colour of the Amazon River and its calming and soothing energies are echoed in the amazonite crystal's brilliant emerald tone and scattered light-green specks. Have a look at the breeze bracelet to see what we mean. If you're under stress, cling to the virtues of amazonite crystals, and use their ultra-chill energy to take a much-needed float down your inner river of serenity. Amazonite is a potent heart chakra stone because of its peaceful energy, which aids in clearing your heart space of poisonous emotions and other unwanted energy.

The amazonite crystal's therapeutic abilities are linked to the throat chakra, which is the hub of communication and expression, in addition to its "go-with-the-flow" energy and connection to the heart chakra. By balancing and clearing this energy center, amazonite can also be used as a powerful throat chakra stone.

Have amazonite’s properties piqued your interest? Here’s a little something to help you dig your heels deeper.


Rhodochrosite is for the compassionate heart in jewellery



Greek in origin, the name rhodochrosite means "rose colour". Other names for it include Inca Rose, Manganese Spar, and Raspberry Spar. Because the Inca believed the stones to be the preserved blood of adored ancient kings, they were given this name.

Crystals made of rhodochrosite draw your attention inward. They assist you in finding love and forgiveness as well as recovery from past trauma, wounds, and repressed memories.

Rhodochrosite can help you to cope with any trauma from previous lives or destructive patterns that you have carried into this life, as well as letting go of any unrecognised suffering that you have subconsciously kept for an excessive amount of time. It dismantles any walls the heart has built. You’ll become the true self you always were meant to be.

As great as all of this is, rhodochrosite can be known to be a little intense, so here’s how to manage that.

Rhodochrosite is a paragon pink stone of selfless, unwavering love. As a result, it has earned the moniker "stone of the compassionate heart". Rhodochrosite crystals, which have therapeutic characteristics, are most effective at easing issues with the heart (metaphorically, of course) by lowering barriers that have accumulated through time. Why not try it out with the facet bracelet? Your ability to empathise with yourself and others in need while you heal will be strengthened.


Grey quartz master healer in jewellery


Grey Quartz

The grey quartz, known as a "master healer", is a superb gemstone for releasing energy blockages or curing any ailment. It is also supposed to aid in promoting awareness and growth. It is an excellent stone to use for meditation since it gives the user clarity. Additionally, it improves interaction with your spirit guides and higher self.

Grey quartz crystal is an excellent choice if you want to rid your head of all the clutter and attract more serenity and optimism into your life. Not to mention, wearing this beautiful gemstone just got easier with our lovely smoke bracelet.

Relationships can be made more enticing by using grey quartz to remove uncertainty and negativity from it. It helps simplify and clarify relationships, whether they be romantic, professional, or platonic.

Additionally, grey quartz improves vision and aids in third-eye opening. In other words, the quartz improves your capacity for judgement and decision-making. Learn a little bit more about grey quartz here.


Black Agate for tranquility in jewellery


Black Agate

Black agate has been valued for its grounding, balancing, and centring properties since the dawn of time. It has a special connection with the root chakra. You can find tranquility, balance your positive and negative energies, reduce anxiety, and receive protection through difficult times by wearing jewellery made of this gemstone (we would recommend the wonderful ebony bracelet).

This gemstone has historically been known to treat and alleviate joint and bone issues, relieve neck and shoulder discomfort, aid with digestion, and lessen motion sickness. Black agate calms intense emotions like grief, anxiety, and rage. It is a stone of fresh beginnings, transformation, and transition.

Bright ideas and optimistic thinking are also associated with agate. This gem represents balance and harmony. You really can feel secure and at ease wherever you are thanks to the calming effects of agate.

Black agate offers protection against harm, strength against evil energies, and emotional balance. Agate can harmonise good and bad forces, relieve nightmares, and give courage, vitality, and strength while banishing worries, all of which boost self-confidence. Doesn’t that sound amazing?


Tiger's Eye for protection in jewellery


Tiger's Eye

The colouration of tiger's eye is largely responsible for its therapeutic qualities. It was prized by warriors in history. They believed it gave them power and protection.

Because of its similarity to an eye, Ancient Roman soldiers believed it to be powerful. This stone is also said by some civilizations to be able to fend off the Evil Eye.

It was said to bring good fortune to the wearer by the Ancient Chinese. Tigers are a symbol of strength, courage, and integrity in Eastern culture. For this reason, it was believed that the stone gave certain characteristics.

The manipura chakra, the third chakra located close to the solar plexus, is associated with this stone. Self-confidence and personal power are governed by this energy center. Tiger's eye stones will help manipura's imbalances to be corrected. It will assist you in developing into the strongest, most assured version of yourself that is possible.

Wearing a tiger eye stone is not advised for zodiac signs whose ruling planets are the foes of the Sun and Mars. Specifically, people born under the signs of Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Libra shouldn't wear tiger eye stones.

It's wonderful to know that you can design a potent programme to develop courage with crystals if you feel that you lack bravery in some area of your life. You can manifest the energy of tiger's eye and link yourself with its boldness by carrying, placing, and wearing the stone.

Here’s one way you can use the tiger’s eye gemstone to rid yourself of fear:

  1. Think about the fear you want to get rid of while holding your tiger's eye in your hand.
  2. Put your feet firmly on the ground and stand tall.
  3. Put your tiger's eye over your heart and repeat three times, aloud, "I am brave". Each time, say it firmer and louder!

To help you overcome that fear, keep your tiger's eye on your wrist, or with you always. Lynx is a great option if you want a combination of both properties of tiger’s eye and black agate.


Garnet boosts positivity in jewellery



Garnet's name is thought to have originated from the Latin word granatum, which means pomegranate seed, because of its deep red colour, which resembles the juicy seeds of a pomegranate (you can see what we mean with the gorgeous pout bracelet). Pomegranates were frequently offered as gifts of passion and were connected to eternal love in Greek mythology. Travelers wore garnet gemstones in the past because it was thought that they would illuminate the night and guard against accidents and nightmares.

Protection, vigor, and support during a crisis are all connected to garnet's emotional healing powers. Wearing jewellery made of garnet crystal will give you strength and boost your positivity while you work through a trying or grieving period. When you feel helpless, alone, or dejected, this stone will transform your negative energy into positive energy and alter your perception. Here’s a video on just how to do that.

After losing a significant other, people in grief can benefit from the powerfully positive energy of garnet. Additionally, this crystal lowers the fear of losing money and insecurity while increasing confidence and elevating self-esteem. The qualities of garnet include prosperity, good fortune, love, success, wealth, and money.


Pearls for wisdom and purity in jewellery



For people who view the world spiritually, pearls hold a unique allure. One of the oldest gemstones in the world is the pearl. Long before recorded history, pearls were first discovered and used. These natural gems are prized, and only members of the ruling elite were permitted to wear pearls in Ancient Rome.

Pearls create crystals with a variety of shapes and colours, including white, black, gold, pink, lavender, with tones of green, blue, and grey. So, check out the storm bracelet for a dark freshwater pearl and purity for your classic pearl colour.

Pearls can be used in various moon rituals as well as in manifestation work to access the wisdom of the Goddess. They have a highly balancing vibration and softly infuse the aura and etheric bodies with energy of harmony and balance.

When it comes to physical healing, pearls are frequently used to treat digestive system issues as well as skin issues including acne, rosacea, and scars that range in severity from mild to severe.


So, if you’re in need for a little love, rose quartz is the way to go. Want to connect with your inner warrior? Hematite. If you want to carry the chill energy of beautiful blue oceans, amazonite is waiting for you. To get out of a little rough patch, rhodochrosite may be your best friend. If you’re in need for some serious healing or want to open up your third eye, grey quartz is the answer. Black agate is perfect if you’ve been feeling some negative vibes and bad energy. The name says it all for tiger eye; get that bravery that you’ve been needing. If negative energy is coming from yourself and you need a little boost, garnet is here for you. For some classic spirituality, pearl is the way to go.

This is just a little introduction to the world of gemstones, so if you have any experience with them or want to share some thoughts, please leave a comment below. And as usual, thanks for reading!

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