Four reasons should wear medical ID epilepsy
February 26, 2015

Four Reasons Why You Should Wear A Medical ID If You Have Epilepsy

With 40 different types of seizures - many of which can happen without warning - it is critical to let people around you know about your Epilepsy or how they can help.

A medical alert bracelet is an effective way to get across that you need support, or could carry a phone number to get in touch with your loved ones. Even when the seizure has passed, you can often be confused or exhausted and a medical ID can help you communicate. 


Here are four reasons why you should wear a medical ID for Epilepsy:


Help first responders understand seizures


1. Help first responders understand that you are having a seizure. 

As some types of seizures can make you appear disoriented, un-responsive, or unable to communicate, they can sometimes be mistaken for drunk behaviour. Even if your seizure has subsided and you are in a post-ictal state, you can be very vague and foggy - too exhausted or disoriented to explain to others that you have had a seizure. Your epilepsy bracelet can help ensure that relevant and understanding support is there when you need it. 


Avoid wasting time seizures


2. Avoid wasting precious time exploring the cause of your seizures. 

There are different causes of seizures (outside of epilepsy), a wide range of lifestyle triggers, as well as different levels of consciousness and responsiveness during and after a seizure. If medical professionals are aware of your condition, they can focus on helping you recover or dealing with the other issues in an emergency - instead of spending time trying to diagnose your condition.


Keep your epilepsy under control


3. Keep your epilepsy under control. 

Regardless of the cause of an emergency, your medical care is more complicated due to your condition. For example, there may be medication that you SHOULD HAVE, or AVOID. And if you take medication to keep seizures under control, it's important that it is maintained if you are unable to speak or care for yourself. Whatever the reason for your medical emergency, staff will be able to provide more considered care if they are aware of your condition. 


4. Explain how you would like to be helped. 

With so many types of seizure - that vary in severity and how common they are for you - your medical ID can quickly explain how you would like to be helped. You could use it to highlight detailed instructions in your wallet or on your phone, or ask that your family be contacted. Your bracelet could say that it is important it is to alert doctors immediately, or prevent unnecessary hospital admissions if you are best helped to quietly recover. 


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