What to engrave on your diabetes bracelet
June 14, 2024

What To Engrave On Your Diabetes Medical Bracelet?

Deciding what to engrave on your diabetes medical bracelet can feel daunting, especially if you’re trying to figure out what most people include in your situation. But don’t worry … we’ve got you covered.

Many of our customers feel that they are well supported by a simple straightforward approach. If you’re in this group, we have a range of standard message wristbands that are comfortable and washable:

And if you’re looking for something more discrete, we have standard wording in our hidden message wristbands too:

If you would like to get a diabetes medical bracelet engraved just for you, you can choose the specific wording that meets your needs. It can include other condition details, medication information, or personal details like your name or phone number. To give you a bit of help in choosing your custom engraving … we’ve analysed the engraving details of thousands of diabetes medical bracelets, and have just updated the figures with 2023 data. Here’s what we learned: 


1. Most people specify what type of diabetes they have. 

89% of customers specify what type of diabetes they have (instead of just mentioning “diabetes” or that they are on insulin).

With over 400,000 people in the UK having type 1 diabetes, it’s no surprise that this is the most common engraving for our medical bracelets. People commonly engrave either "Type 1 Diabetes" or "Type 1 Diabetic" but abbreviations like T1 Diabetes or T1D are also easily understood if you are short on engraving space.

Type 2 Diabetes is also very common, and we also make bracelets that support people with Gestational Diabetes, Prediabetes, Latent autoimmune diabetes (LADA or Type 1.5 Diabetes), or Type 3C Diabetes. 


What to engrave on your diabetes medical bracelet


2. A phone number is the most common personal information to add. 

With custom engraving, almost half (47%) of our customers choose to add an emergency contact phone number. This is a great way to keep them in touch with their family in an emergency … for peace of mind, or to pass on any detailed medical information.

It’s also common to include a name (first name, or first and last). If you are struggling for engraving space, you could abbreviate to first initial and surname. 


3. Mention that you need insulin. 

Alongside their condition and personal details, 19% of our customers also refer to their insulin or insulin pump. While this will be familiar information for medical professionals, the first person to see a medical bracelet on the scene may be a member of the public, and mentioning your insulin or medication could help you get treatment faster.


So, in conclusion, if you are thinking of buying a medical bracelet for your diabetes, then it is worth considering including the type of diabetes you have, your personal details (your phone number or name), and whether or not you need insulin.

If you are unsure which details are most important for you, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor. And if we can help with any questions about medical jewellery or whether your engraving will fit, please just drop us a line at hello@butlerandgrace.co

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