What to engrave on your epilepsy medical bracelet
November 16, 2022

What To Engrave On Your Epilepsy Medical Bracelet?

Deciding what to engrave on your epilepsy medical bracelet can be challenging, especially if you’re worried that all the details may not fit. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We've analysed the engraving details of all of our epilepsy bracelets, so we can tell you what people tend to go for ... and we've just updated this research with an extra year of data!

Lots of customers are supported by a simple straightforward approach. They go for one of our standard message wristbands that are both comfortable and washable. Perfect for the gym, or a summer holiday:

If you decide to go for a medical alert bracelet, then you still have the option of our standard engraving “Epilepsy” which is straightforward and saves a little money.

Or you can go for custom engraving so you can include other condition details, medication, or personal information. To give you a bit of help in choosing your custom engraving … we’ve analysed the engraving details of hundreds of custom epilepsy medical bracelets, and here’s what we learned:


 What to engrave on your epilepsy medical bracelet


1. “Epilepsy” is engraved more than “Epileptic”. 

Over the last five years, our data shows that even when people choose custom engraving, they are 8 times more likely to engrave “Epilepsy” rather than “Epileptic”. Either option would be clear in an emergency, but Epilepsy is the much-preferred wording overall.

After Epilepsy or Epileptic, the next most common engraving is something relating to seizures, such as: seizures, has seizures, or seizure alert.

We do see also people choosing to engrave the specific type of seizures that they experience. And with over 40 different types of seizures, this could be helpful in some situations. For example, this past year we have seen a significant increase in the number of people including "focal seizures" or "focal epilepsy" in their engraving. But the vast majority of people stick with “Epilepsy”.


2. Most people choose to have custom text (rather than standard text). 

Despite have “Epilepsy” available as a standard engraving, most of our customers prefer to have a custom engraving. This could be due to having a second medical condition to communicate, but most often it's because they want to add personal details to the charm such as a name or phone number.


 What to engrave on your epilepsy medical bracelet personal details


3. Personal details included. 

Where people choose to add personal details, 80% of them have added a phone number, followed by 52% who have added a name. This is significantly higher than other medical conditions, helps first responders call out their name, and get in touch with their family for peace of mind. And when it comes to phone number ... we are seeing this engraving more and more often.

We also see date of birth included sometimes, which can be helpful. But we don’t usually recommend including your medication, as it can change (which means you need to have a new charm engraved). The only exception would be if they are "rescue meds" which could be particularly helpful to know about in an emergency.


In conclusion, knowing what people actually engrave can help you decide what to engrave yourself. And it’s our mission to help you create the epilepsy medical bracelet that’s right for you. If you have any questions, or need a hand, please reach out at help@butlerandgrace.co

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