Medical alert bracelets or necklaces for Diabetes

Diabetic bracelet medical alert ID pretty quirky owl funDiabetes can be directly responsible for an emergency as blood sugar levels can fluctuate unpredictably, often at the worst times. It is also a critical for paramedics to be aware of your condition -- regardless of the reason for the emergency -- as you may need support maintaining your insulin, or your diabetes may affect your overall care plan. 

Although your friends and family will be aware of your condition, a diabetes alert bracelet is a good way to communicate if you are on your own or unable to speak for yourself.

Five reasons why you should wear a medical ID

Hypoglycemia could lead to collapse. When blood sugar levels suddenly drop (or are unmanaged), you may become confused or blackout. Lots of time could be wasted trying to identify why you are unconscious or unresponsive, when relevant assistance is needed to quickly stabilise your blood sugar. Alternatively, if paramedics see your diabetes necklace, and confirm that your blood sugar levels are within the correct range, they can move onto exploring other reasons for your collapse. 

Can explain unusual behaviour. Symptoms of a low blood sugar reaction can resemble aggression or intoxication ... leading first responders or paramedics down the wrong path which can delay appropriate treatment. Communicating your diabetes is essential to getting the care you need, before the situation gets worse.

Maintain your insulin. Regardless of the reason for the emergency, medics need to be aware if you are insulin dependent, so they can insure that your injections, pump dose or tablets are maintained. 

Warn medics not to give you glucose. If you are placed on a glucose drip for any reason, without the medical professional being aware of your diabetes, it could seriously affect your blood glucose (BG) levels, which could lead to excess bleeding from wounds as well as extended healing times. Ensuring that medics are aware of your condition helps them make the right decisions about your care. 

Additional conditions can complicate your care. It is important that paramedics know about ALL critical conditions, as they could influence your care in an emergency.  

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Important information to include on your diabetes alert bracelet

With a My Bugle ID, you have full control over what information you include on your bracelet or necklace. But we would recommend including the following:

  • Which type of diabetes you have
  • Whether you are insulin dependent
  • Whether you have any other conditions that could affect your care.

Finding the ID that's right for you

My Bugle has loads of choices for your medical ID ... that ensure that you are noticed for your style, not your medical condition. 

Choose a diabetes bracelet that you love, and you will get the confidence boost of knowing that you are protected every day. Our bracelets are made in the UK, and available to people around the world.

Raven - Diabetes alert bracelet UKNavy Bounce - Diabetes alert braceletBreeze - diabetes alert braceletRed Navy Fusion - diabetes alert braceletPlatoon - Diabetes alert necklace

When choosing what goes on your ID, we think it's important for you to describe your diabetes in your own words, focusing on the elements that you feel are important in an emergency. Condition information, an emergency contact, your doctor's details, or information about critical medication are all good choices. 

A custom bracelet or necklace gives you the chance to put together a design that really works in your personal life too. What would make you want to wear it everyday? Feature your name as an identification bracelet? Include your catchphrase? Put your medical details in a discrete location on the back side of the tag? The choice is yours.

For more advice or help -- A global online community supporting people with diabetes

Diabetes UK -- British charity that campaigns for and connects with people who have diabetes


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