Medical alert bracelets for Autism, Aspergers or ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorders)

Autism or autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) are lifelong, developmental disabilities that affect how a person communicates, relates to other people, and how they experience the world around them. Autism is a spectrum condition, which includes Aspergers Syndrome and Pathalogical Demand Avoidance (PDA).

Autism affects people in different ways. Challenges may include learning, communication, sensory and relationships, and the severity can vary from person to person.

We make medical bracelets that improve your interactions with medical staff and police in an emergency, or give a vital link to your family. And we are working on a range of autism awareness jewellery that helps celebrate how unique everyone is on the spectrum.


Five reasons why you should consider wearing a medical ID bracelet:

Help medical staff understand why communication might be a challenge. Depending on where you are on the spectrum, you may find it difficult to process questions or instructions, or have repetitive sounds or patterns in your speech. This could be confusing for first responders, who may otherwise jump to the conclusion that you are in shock. Many people on the spectrum also find it challenging to elaborate on how they're feeling, so medical staff may need to assess you differently. 

Can explain evasive behaviour to the authorities. It is important for police to understand that you find it difficult to look an officer in the eye, or that you may naturally move quickly away from a chaotic or noisy situation. Communicating your autism, Aspergers or PDA can give important context to your behaviour, and help avoid escalating a tricky situation.

Getting across ID information if you are non-verbal. Regardless of the reason for the emergency, it is helpful to have your name or an emergency contact to hand. This opens the door to more effective communication and helps first responders get in touch with your family. 

Help first responders make you comfortable. The noise or chaos of an emergency situation can quickly lead to sensory overload. This can result in greater communication challenges, which may make medical or police response tricky. By communicating your Autism or Aspergers, first responders can help speed you to an environment that improves your communication, focus or concentration.


We give you full control over over the wording for your medical alert bracelet

On the front of the charm, you have a choice of medical symbols or could go with the puzzle piece symbol for autism. 

On the back of the charm, you can describe your autism in your own words. You may wish to include:

  • Your name or emergency contact phone number
  • The abbreviation "ASD" is well known and saves space on engraving
  • It may be helpful to state "non-verbal" or "severe" if that applies, as well as any instructions that help you feel more comfortable under stress
  • Whether you have any other conditions that could affect your care.




    Finding the ID that's right for you

    My Bugle has loads of choices for your medical ID:

    Medical alert wristband - Autistic Select Mute - silicone pink


    For more advice or help

    National Autistic Society -- A UK charity that supports people on the spectrum, and has created an interesting video showing what it's like to be on the receiving end of information overload.

    The Curly Hair Project -- Social enterprise that explores and educates how autism presents in women. 




    Autism puzzle piece - verticalAutism puzzle piece - horizontal

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