Polar Blue Black Latitude Longitude Silicone Wristband

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This grid coordinates personalised wristband features a polar blue band with a black under layer. Made from 100% latex-free silicone, this grid coordinates personalised wristband is perfect for sports, running, or school.

    Engraving - Less is more! General text limits and tips. How to find the grid coordinates of your special place.

      Size - This wristband is available in three sizes:

      • Approx. 202mm or 8 inches - suitable for a hand up to 215mm, and good for adults (14+). 
      • Approx. 180mm or 7 inches - suitable for a hand up to 190mm, and good for teens (8 - 13).
      • Approx. 152mm or 6 inches - suitable for a hand up to 160mm, and good for kids (6 - 7).

      To choose the right size, measure around the widest part of your hand. Although it's flexible, excessive pulling and tugging could cause the band to snap.

      Taking Care - Gently clean your wristband with water and dry it with a soft cloth to keep it looking its best. Remember, silicone is a soft material, so it won't last as long as a metal bracelet. Overtime, the coloured layer will fade, making the engraving harder to read. Generally, it can last anywhere from 2 weeks to a year, depending on how often it is worn. To extend the life of your wristband, avoid wearing it in bed or in the shower.

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