10 facts about Mothers Day and personalised gift ideas
February 21, 2022

10 Interesting Facts About Mother’s Day & How To Make It Special

Everyone knows their mother is a hero; she is irreplaceable and unique, given the fact that she gave us the gift of life to begin with. With this in mind, it is only fair that we give something back. Fortunately, there is an entire day dedicated to mothers across the world, where we can express our gratitude and affection by ensuring she feels appreciated and loved even more.

Before we go on to list some of the experiences to make this day more memorable, we’d like to share some interesting facts about Mother’s Day: 


First things first … When is Mother’s Day? 

Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days depending on the country. In the UK, this day takes place on a Sunday in March, otherwise known as Mothering Sunday. The specific date changes each year, but always occurs on the fourth Sunday of Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday. 

However, many other countries including, the US, Australia, Japan and most of Europe celebrate the holiday on the second Sunday of May. 


10 Facts About Mother’s Day:


Date for Mothers Day


1. Different Date Every Year. Did you know that the date for Mother’s Day changes every year? The reason for this can be traced back to its origins. In 1914, American President Woodrow Wilson made it official for the national holiday to be celebrated on the second Sunday of May. 

2. The Origin of Mother’s Day. In 1870, Julia Ward Howe, pacifist and abolitionist activist, proposed the institution of Mother’s Day for Peace as a moment or reflection against war, however, this idea was rejected. Instead, Anna Jarvis was the first person to celebrate Mother’s Day in 1908 to remember her mother, an activist who fought for peace. 

3. Greek Celebrations. Although it’s nothing like the Mother’s Day celebrations we have today, the Ancient Greeks used to hold Spring festivals to honour the maternal Goddess Rhea, who was the goddess of fertility and motherhood. 

4. The Word “Mum” or "Mom". The title “mum” or "mom" (as they use in America) originates from children. This is in fact the first sound a newborn baby is able to vocalise. This is why in most languages, the word “mother” begins with the letter “m” or is in some iteration of the sound “ma”. 

5. Flower Power. Mother’s Day records the sale of about 25% of all flowers and plants purchased during the year. The top 3 gifts actually rank flowers first, followed by jewellery and chocolates … Can you blame them for that? It makes a wonderful gift. 


Carnations for Mothers Day


6. Carnation, The Official Flower. If you’re looking for inspiration for a flower bouquet, then carnations are a good place to start. They are considered to be a well-known symbol for Mother’s Day as Anna Jarvis handed out white carnations (her mother’s favourite flower) during the first Mother’s Day memorial service in 1908, making them popular ever since. 

7. Calls All Day Long. It’s no surprise that everyone calls their mum to wish her a happy Mother’s Day. According to statistics, Mother’s Day has the highest number of phone calls than any other day. These annual chats result in an increase in phone traffic by up to 37%, according to History.com.


Cards sent on Mothers Day


8. Cards Boom. In the UK, people send around 30 million Mother’s Day cards each year. Globally, this number increase exponentially! Do you buy your own Mother’s Day card, or do you make it yourself? 

9. Simnel Cake. Mothering Sunday is also known as Simnel Sunday or Refreshment Sunday in the UK because people used to bake Simnel cakes to celebrate the gathering of families during Lent. Nowadays, Simnel cake is typically associated with Easter. 

10. Eating Out. Mother’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year to treat yourself to lunch or dinner with the family. Or why not spend Mother’s Day inside? It may be the perfect time to order food delivery or dabble in the kitchen. 


How to make Mother’s Day special? 

You may have certainly thought of the idea to write your mother a card, buy her a bouquet of flowers, or make a reservation at a restaurant to treat her to a delicious meal … Nothing can go wrong with these classic options, but why not try something a little different instead?

Here are some simple, yet effective ways to celebrate this day in the best possible way, making your mum feel special without driving you crazy: 

  • Make her breakfast in bed. Get your mum to sleep in a little longer on her big day while you plan a breakfast in bed. There can’t be a better wake-up call than this! Cook your mum’s favourite meal, along with a tasty beverage … whether it’s a nice cup of coffee, tea or glass of juice. Don’t forget to take it to her bed to make her feel even more pampered. It's a simple thing to do, but otherwise much appreciated.


Relaxing massage for Mothers Day


  • Book her a relaxing massage. Give you mum the opportunity to unwind for a few hours from her usual busy routine of daily tasks. Book her a lovely massage at a spa and she’ll surely thank you for this relaxing moment. If you want to do things in style, give yourself an afternoon of absolute relaxation and sweetness together at a spa or beauty farm. What better way to spend time together?
  • Plan a visit out of town. What if you opt for a family trip to a historic city instead? An alternative way to spend the weekend together visiting a new place and trying new food. If you would like to spend a few hours somewhere cultural, then you can choose to visit a museum or an art exhibition together.
  • Gift her an online course. Another useful gift for your mum is a great online course, especially if she has specific passions. There are all kinds of courses: decorate cakes, make candles, paint, learn a language, work with pottery, cook, and so much more. You can then allow her to have a whole new experience and at the same time have fun doing something she likes!


Make Mothers Day memories


  • Bake together. Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without something sweet. If your mum loves to bake, make something with her … like a delicious raspberry or lemon cake, or heart-shaped cookies, then decorate and enjoy them together. It’s always a great time for a little sweetness!


Precious gift ideas for your mum: 

At this point, we would like to propose 3 unique jewellery alternatives to surprise your mum by giving her something deep and meaningful:


Mothers Day gift lat long bracelet


  • A personalised latitude / longitude bracelet. This delicate, personalised bracelet is made of quartz beads and can be the most heartfelt gift for the most important person in your life – your mother. You can engrave the coordinates of where you were born and dedicate a special message to her on the back that she’ll always carry with her. Create your personalised latitude longitude bracelet.


Mothers Day gift personalised pin badge


  • A personalised candy heart pin badge. If you want to go for something simple, but sweet, try our personalised heart pin badge with her nickname or something humorous. Choose the one that best suits her and customise it to your style. Design a personalised pin badge.


Mothers Day gift medical bracelet


  • A stylish medical bracelet. What about a beautiful medical bracelet? Maybe this is all your mum really needs, but wasn’t ready to buy for herself. Here’s the perfect opportunity to get her one she’ll really love. We strongly recommend the Tangle bracelet, which combines both simplicity and elegance. It’s a great way to communicate a medical condition, allergy, or emergency contact detail without giving up a touch of sophistication and style.


Now you have a variety of options to choose from on this special day. Obviously, your mum will appreciate any form of gift, be it a drawing from their kids, a card, or even just a phone call. However, it’s best to plan your day in advance so you don’t waste a single second together. Although this holiday is typically celebrated by young children, that doesn’t stop adults from showing their mothers all the love and appreciation she deserves.

There is only one mum, and let’s face it, life wouldn’t be the same without her!


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