What to engrave on your allergy or anaphylaxis medical bracelet
September 28, 2022

What To Engrave On Your Allergy or Anaphylaxis Medical Bracelet?

We’ve been selling allergy and anaphylaxis medical bracelets since we opened our doors in 2014, so we have seen lots of different engraving text, and are in a good position to advise you on what to engrave on your allergy or anaphylaxis medical bracelet.

Allergies are important to consider in an emergency situation as there can be multiple triggers or allergens … and different levels of reaction. To learn more, please see our blog post - Why wear a medical bracelet if you have allergies or anaphylaxis? 

If your situation is complex or life threatening, please discuss your engraving with your doctor. This is particularly important when choosing which conditions to prioritise engraving on a small charm.

The most common allergies that we see on medical bracelets are penicillin or nuts, and many of our customers are protected by a simple standard wristband that says:

We offer a range of wristbands with these standard engravings, and they are also available as standard engraving options on our medical bracelets.

When customers choose a custom engraving for their medical bracelet, they can include personal details or information about multiple allergies. But it’s important to think about what size the charm is, as longer wording for multiple allergies would need one of our round charms or a dog tag necklace.

To help you choose the right medical bracelet for your allergy or anaphylaxis, we have analysed the engraving on over a thousand custom medical bracelets. Here are some of the things we’ve learned:


What to engrave allergy bracelets most common wording


1. “Allergy” is by far the most common description. 

We found that 55% of our customers who choose a custom engraving, describe themselves as having an “allergy”. This is much more common than “allergic” (14%) or “no” (11%) … although either of these terms will work just as well if it suits the layout of your engraving better. 


2. Use the word “Anaphylaxis” if your allergy is life threatening.

If your allergy is severe and life threatening, it is very helpful to include the word “Anaphylaxis”. This conveys a more serious and urgent message in any emergency. For more information about Anaphylaxis, please see this overview from Allergy UK.


What to engrave allergy bracelets name phone number


3. A phone number is included more than any other personal detail. 

Our data shows that 25% of our customers chose to engrave a phone number on their custom allergy or anaphylaxis medical bracelet. A name is added by 15% of customers. This may be due to the fact that you can be exposed to an allergen just about anywhere, and the phone number is a way to ensure loved ones will know what has happened during an emergency situation. 


4. Multiple allergies? Go for custom engraving. 

It is very common to have multiple allergies, and depending on your circumstances, it may be important to communicate all of these allergens. Don’t worry, it’s easy to go for custom engraving on our wristbands, bracelets or necklaces. Over 80% of our customers choose this option. We would suggest prioritising your most serious reactions, or the ones that might cause, or be impacted by an emergency situation. 


5. Travelling abroad? Describe your allergies in the local language. 

We get a lot of requests for food allergy medical bracelets in foreign languages. It’s such a clever idea … as you may not be familiar with the local recipes (or even be able to read the menu!), so it gives you an extra level of protection. We’re happy to engrave your text in another language, but we don’t speak that language ourselves, so we need you to provide the translated text. 


6. Make it clear that you are ALLERGIC versus TAKING. 

It’s very important to use a word on your medical bracelet that means “no”. Anything like Allergy, Allergic, No, Avoid, etc. The problem sometimes arises with drug allergies, as it is also common to state on a medical bracelet what medication you are taking. And it is definitely important to be clear whether you are supposed to have a medication, or are allergic to that medication.


In summary, if you are looking to buy a medical bracelet for your allergies or anaphylaxis, we have lots of options to give you peace of mind. If you have any questions about the right engraving for you, please discuss it with your doctor, or drop us a line. We’re always happy to help.

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