Medical alert bracelets or necklaces for Food Allergies

Help manage your food allergy with a medical alert braceletYour body can treat common foods like egg, peanuts, milk, tree nuts or shellfish as an allergen, and produce a reaction that "fights it off". Your symptoms could vary from a mild rash to fainting and difficult breathing, and depend on how much you have been exposed to and how sensitive you are. Also, not everyone experiences the same symptoms, so it is important to establish that the reaction is due to a food allergy, so you can get the right sort of treatment. A medical alert bracelet is an effective way to ensure that others know about your food allergy, in case you are on your own and unable to speak for yourself. 

Four reasons why you should wear a medical ID

Quick way to get across the severity of your food allergy. An intolerance (non-allergic hypersensitivity) is very different to a diagnosed allergy or anaphylaxis, which could lead directly to an emergency. Ensuring that you communicate confirmed allergies and risk of anaphylaxis on your medical alert bracelet could help first responders understand if your allergy has caused the emergency, or if they need to investigate other causes. 

Can affect your airways. It's always important that emergency staff know about allergies that affect your airway - from difficult swallowing to irregular breathing. It's part of the critical A-B-C sequence of emergency medical care.

Cross-contamination can catch you out. You are no doubt used to reading food labels and talking with restaurant staff about ingredients. But despite being cautious, cross-contamination can be a real issue. It's difficult to know that someone has touched a door knob after eating a peanut butter sandwich, or accidentally uses a cooking utensil from another dish. You're doing everything you can to manage your food allergy, but cross-contamination could cause a reaction when you least suspect it. If your reaction is serious, your allergy alert bracelet will help let medical professionals know. 

Allergic reactions can change with subsequent exposure. Symptoms can get worse, better, or change each time you are exposed to the allergen. Your reaction may depend on your level of sensitivity and the amount consumed. Letting people know about your allergy can help ensure that you get the right medical attention should your next exposure cause a serious reaction. 

Finding the ID that's right for you.

My Bugle has loads of choices for your medical alert bracelet ... that ensure that you are noticed for your style, not your allergy. 

Choose an allergy bracelet that you love, and you will get the confidence boost of knowing that you are protected every day.

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When choosing what goes on your ID, we think it's important for you to describe your allergy in your own words, focusing on the elements that you feel are important in an emergency. Severity, whether you carrry adrenaline or an epi-pen, and an emergency contact are all good choices. 

A custom bracelet or necklace gives you the chance to put together a design that really works in your personal life too. What would make you want to wear it everyday? Feature your name as an identification bracelet? Include your catchphrase? We always recommend to include a medical symbol, but you could always describe your allergies in a discrete location on the back side of the tag. The choice is yours.

For more advice or help

Allergy UK - charity helping people with information on diagnosis and managing the wide range of food allergies.

FARE - American charity with an informative blog and teen summit; focused on food allergy research & education.

Practical strategies on how to protect your child with food allergies at summer camp.


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